General handling information for Self fusing tape

 It shows one example of how to use Butyl rubber base self-fusion tape (No.11 and No.15) and Silicone rubber base self-fusion tape (No.66).
 This method is introduction points when you use. It does not guarantee the quality demand which changes by each customer.

1.Application example
Electrical insulation for joint/connection part of electrical cable

2.How to use
2-1. Unwind the tape and wind up to the cable with stretching it to 2 – 2.5 times length than the original length. (Please peel off the liner first in case of a liner type tape ; NO.11/NO.66.

2-2. Winding up with half wrapping. (overlap in width direction)

2-3. Wrapping the tape until thickness is much enough as your specification.

2-4. The winding end cuts the tape without tension.

2-5. The terminal part is applied thumb pressure lightly and held without stretching. Then add finger pressure and well compressed.
3.Handling Instruction
If you stretch the end part of the tape, the end part might peel off.
Please keep out air bubble when you wind.
If you use butyl rubber base tape (No.11 and No.15) in the outdoor environment, please use vinyl tape (No.22) to wrap on the butyl rubber tape.

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